We have a diverse portfolio spanning a wide range of electrical projects:

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Our Principal Engineer has worked or studied in seven foreign countries and travelled in another nine foreign countries. He reads and writes Spanish at a professional level, proficient German (having directed a six person German speaking project team performing field work for three months in Germany), and beginning Japanese, French, and Chinese.
We have designed and analyzed electrical systems in Japan, Germany (to VDE/DIN German Electrical codes), the West Indies, Africa, and the United Kingdom (to British Standard 7671 - the electrical code enforced in Hong Kong and parts of China).
We are completely familiar and comfortable with the challenges posed by foreign codes, cultures and languages.

Voltage Compatibility Study - Universal Studios Japan - Osaka, Japan: Provided two weeks of on-site electrical engineering support investigating the compatibility of US products operating at reduced Japanese utilization voltage levels. The investigation included researching and analyzing all ride and show elements in the park. Provided executive summary report documenting the resolution or recommended corrective action for the investigated issues.

Grounding Study - Universal Studios Japan - Osaka, Japan: Provided two weeks of emergency on-site electrical engineering design and construction support and technical guidance related to powering and grounding parkwide Audio/Video systems and Ride Systems. Provided executive summary report documenting the resolution or recommended corrective action for the investigated issues. Prepared the proposal, negotiated the contract and was in route to Osaka, Japan within 16 hours of receiving the request for emergency services.

CORMORANT Power Pallet and Communication Shelter Design - British Ministry of Defense: Prepared conceptual design and specifications for synchronized mutliple generator mobile power generation system and shelter power distribution for mobile tropo-scatter radio communication systems to be deployed throughout the world. Design conformed to BS 7671 and British Defense Standards.

HOGGAR - Critical Power System Failure Analysis - Bahamas: Investigated and provided recommended corrective action regarding catastrophic failures of several tropo-scatter communication systems deployed in the Bahamas. Failures resulted from inadequate UPS and surge suppression system design.

Electrical Distribution Systems Studies, Nurnberg, Germany: Directed studies of low and medium voltage electrical distribution systems at military installation for the Corps of Engineers. Planned and directed the metering field investigation activities of a seven person, German-speaking project team. Performed complete system analyses to identify deficiencies and determine improvements for existing and future requirements. Prepared preliminary design and cost estimates for funding. VDE/DIN regulations were used as study criteria.

Master Planning Electrical System Studies at Military Installation, Giessen and Weisbaden, West Germany: Responsible for high and low voltage system analysis, deficiency identification, recommendation formulation, and the development and production of reports for the Army Corps of Engineers. VDE/DIN regulations were used as study criteria.

Total Energy Plant Load Study - Sugar Bay Plantation Resort, St. Thomas, V.I. : Performed electrical metering and load study to investigate electrical anomalies associated with malfunctioning cogeneration/water desalination system.

Replace Fire Alarm Systems, Antigua Air Station, Antigua, West Indies: Provided electrical design for the replacement of Fire Alarm systems in 8 facilities. Design included interfacing with existing central station using RF transmitters.

Antigua Air Station and Ascension Auxiliary Airfield - Antigua, West Indies and Ascension Island: Performed complete design, specifications, and cost estimates for new design and modifications of facilities, telemetry/radar installations, and base utility systems. Design responsibilities included power, lighting, grounding, lightning protection, fire alarm, and medium voltage systems.