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Industry-sponsored website supplying information and updates on the Healthcare and Medical facility construction segment.

IEEE Standards


To obtain an annual online subscription to any of the IEEE standards. You can review your options and click the hyperlinks to learn more about each subscription.

All Inclusive IEEE Standards Subscription, the entire portfolio of IEEE 's standards offering

Industry Subscriptions, a subsection of the portfolio that focus on the Information Technology, Power & Energy, and Telecommunications industries

Technical Subscriptions, a collection of standards according to technical interests and application

To obtain an IEEE standard as a printed book, this web address allows you to select the standard by topic and then proceed to purchase online.


This IEEE web page has links to a sample of each of the IEEE Color Book series and a Table of Contents where you can link to the first chapter of each IEEE Color Book , the IEEE Color Book Overview, IEEE Standards Development, Working Group information, and to the IEEE's Online Catalog & Store.


Electrical Designer's Reference (EDR) is a source for free electrical calculation software including General Purpose Voltage Drop, Series Voltage Drop, Fault Current or Short Circuit Current, Conduit Fill and Motor Circuit Fusing/Circuit Design. The EDR also provides information on Conduit, Conductors, Circuits, Wiring, Cables, Lighting Circuits, Fusing and Motors. Subscription (free) to the website is required prior to downloading the various software tools.


Electrical Designers Reference home page.



Information on DOE guidelines for Energy Efficient Schools

Professional Development (Seminars, Conferences, CEU opportunities)

A search engine for IEEE conferences. Search by date, geographic area (select Region 6 for So. Cal.), keyword (topic), etc. to locate upcoming IEEE conferences.


IEEE Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Publications and Standards that are specific to the Industry Applications Society.


Salary calculator that will report the complete range of full-time income from primary sources being paid to IEEE-USA members -- electrical, electronics or computer engineers and scientists -- in specified employment situations. Uses prior year survey of 10,000 IEEE members. One year subscription - $9.95 for IEEE members and $19.95 for non-members.

Bulletin board database of projects posted by prospective clients looking for IEEE consultants.

To be listed in the IEEE Consultants Database for prospective clients searching for a consultant for a project. Once you have registered, you will be able to submit your database listing. Your contact information will not be released to any third party. The annual fee for a listing is only $75 for IEEE members ($99 for non-members).


The IEEE now offers an Alias Service in which IEEE members can register or update a personal alias of their choice (subject to availability and on a "first come, first serve" basis). Messages addressed to the alias @ieee.org will automatically be forwarded to the real Internet e-mail address.


A listing of upcoming electrical industry trade shows and exhibits - nationwide.