We have a diverse portfolio spanning a wide range of electrical projects:

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Military and Defense Projects

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CORMORANT Power Pallet and Communication Shelter Design - British Ministry of Defense:
Prepared conceptual design and specifications for synchronized mobile power generation system and shelter power distribution for mobile tropo-scatter radio communication systems to be deployed throughout the world.

HOGGAR - Critical Power System
Failure Analysis - Bahamas:

Investigated and provided recommended corrective action regarding catastrophic failures of several tropo-scatter communication systems deployed in the Bahamas. Failures resulted from inadequate UPS and surge suppression system design.

U.S. Air Force - Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL: Developed electrical design recommendation for the Launch Base Support Facilities Design Engineers for grounding Standard Practice Instructions (SPI's).

Utility Systems, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Antigua Air Station, and Ascension Auxiliary Airfield: Performed complete design, specifications, and cost estimates for new design and modifications of facilities, telemetry/radar installations, and base utility systems. Design responsibilities included power, lighting, grounding, lightning protection, fire alarm, and medium voltage systems.

Replace Oil Circuit Breakers, North Cape Substation and Switching Stations, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL: As resident engineer, monitored and inspected the replacement of twelve 15 kV oil circuit breakers with vacuum circuit breakers.

UPS System Reliability and Maintainability Study - Range Operations and Control Center -
Cape Canaveral Air Force Station:

Investigated and provided recommendations for corrective action to improve reliability and maintainability of the UPS systems providing clean power to the control center responsible for the launch of unmanned, expendable launch vehicles at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

Grounding Study at Jonathan Dickinson
Missile Tracking Annex:

Investigated objectionable currents present in the facility's grounding system, on behalf of the U.S. Air Force. Identified the source of the objectionable ground currents and evaluated alternative corrective action plans. The study included an evaluation of potential electric-shock-voltage exposure to personnel.

Replace Transformers, North and South Cape Substations and various other substations,
Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida:

As resident engineer, monitored and inspected the replacement of four 115 kV:13.2 kV Master Substation transformers. Provided electrical design for replacement of 55 open wire 13.2 kV transformer banks with pad mounted, dead front transformers.

Electrical Distribution System,
Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida:
Provided engineering services supporting the operation and maintenance of the station electrical distribution system (115 kV, 13.2 kV, 480V and 208V). Duties included substation and distribution facilities analysis, design, construction management, load flow, short circuit, and protection device coordination studies, relaying, and SCADA.

Mock-up Shop Consolidation, Pratt & Whitney,
West Palm Beach, Florida:

Served as electrical project engineer for renovation of 15,000 square foot mock-up manufacturing facility. Electrical design services included a load study and power, lighting, telephone, security, and fire alarm systems.

Various Facility Consolidation Tasks, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Orlando, Florida:
Directed the electrical engineering design for the renovation of several defense manufacturing and support facilities.

Air Force Warehouse No. 1 Repair and Upgrade, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida:
Provided electrical design for new lightning protection system, new lighting and electric service, and fire detection/suppression system.

Electrical Systems Studies for the Corps of Engineers: Analyzed electrical systems for over 1000 facilities at 17 military installations in the former West Germany. The study included an I2t (short time) short circuit withstand rating analysis of equipment grounding conductors.

Renovate Hangar 194, Homestead Air Reserve Base, Florida, Corps of Engineers:
Served as project manager and electrical project engineer for renovation of 80,000 square foot aircraft hangar. Electrical design included power, lighting, and fire alarm system.

Replace Fire Alarm Systems, Antigua Air Station,
West Indies:

Provided electrical design for the replacement of Fire Alarm systems in 8 facilities. Design included interfacing with existing central station using RF transmitters.